While shifts in the marketplace, technological advancements and legislative developments are inevitable, there are opportunities for industry to work collaboratively with post-secondary institutions to coordinate the supply of skilled workers. OSCA will utilize the annual CAPP production forecasts to develop employment and population forecasts for the Athabasca oil sands area. This information will be jointly developed and shared with the municipalities and provincial government. Through timely dialogue and the collection of workforce data, we gain a clearer picture of arising issues and identifying realistic growth targets for the future.


Work with active groups to forecast employee numbers, identify required skills, and help to retain an adequate supply of skilled workers in Alberta’s oil sands. With the current economic climate, the Workforce Focus Area will concentrate on data gathering to identify any gaps in skilled trades. Check back for further updates.

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Interested in working in the oil sands? You can find recent job postings available in the Athabasca Oil Sands Area with our member companies by visiting our job board. Please note, OSCA does not handle any hiring for our members or their oil sands projects; please contact and apply with the companies directly. Browse open positions here.


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